80s Collage- Sparkle Sock Stuff

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80s collage is variegated with pink, orange, white, blue and green with brown speckles.

Lucy named this colorway 80s collage because she is fascinated with the 80s. I think the 80s seems like a lifetime ago to Lucy. Her mind was blown when she discovered the 80s had color, yes that's right Lucy thought the 80s was all in black and white.

 Base Info
Sparkle Sock Stuff- 75% Superwash Merino 20% Nylon 5% Silver Stellkna -100g/438 yards per skein

  • All hand dyed skeins vary slightly. 
  • Superwash does mean you can machine wash, we highly recommend hand wash in a cold water bath with wool wash. Lay flat to dry.